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After the Frost – Margo Geddes

One year I grew an enormous row of Nicotiana. In warm August evenings, the hummingbirds and hawk moths would descend to drink the sweet nectar of the flowers and the whole garden would be scented deep and redolent. I would sit between the planting rows, the Nicotiana and Cosmos feet above me, and watch the cacophony of wings whir in to the deepening evening.

I have always been interested in the secret life of plants, which is happening just on the edge of our perception but is a whole world unto their own. I am interested in plants for their individual nature and their collective dynamics; they bind me to the rhythm of the seasons. These quiet communicators I have grown from seed, I spend a season – sometimes years – watching, attending to them. Yet, perhaps this is the fate of the gardener, farmer, grower, that during the season there is so little time to stop and look. Only after the frost comes is the time when I can stop and look, and in their surrender to the cold they yield their last connection with me. 

‘After the Frost’ is a series of images shot in my flower fields at the end of the growing season. For the past few years, I have been growing a small-scale flower farm and now dye gardens. It began as a project to create some income but also to create a visual laboratory for my image-making. Photography and plants are intertwined in my artistic practice; both their own form of alchemy, both embracing time and light. I have grown my own pictures. 

I am an artist living in Missoula, Montana, USA. My work encompasses a range of media, from photography and printmaking to fibre arts. / shop / @white_antler_flowers

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