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The music of Brian Eno offers me a window into other realms, a connection to emotional responses and thoughts that may otherwise have remained hidden. The music was my starting point, the atmosphere conjured through intentional listening built an environment within my mind in which I could imagine these images. Each of us will visualise something different in response to the music. To some, it may feel alien and unsettling, for others, perhaps, soothing and transcendental. The music contains its own perceived narrative, uniquely offered through each listen, not always starting and ending in the same place.

As each and every hearing of the music will provide deviations through the layers offered to our ears, each experience of walking through the landscapes that inspired it also offers something new each time. The direction we take dictated in part by how closely we are paying attention, but also to which elements and layers our ears and eyes play close attention to.

In visiting and photographing the locations that had inspired the music itself, I found something different. These places, a spectrum of landscapes, a forest located between two villages in mid-Suffolk, broad shingle beaches and marshes, and Lizard Point, the most southerly tip of the British Isles. Explicitly real in my experience of walking through them, yet less otherworldly than the music might portray. Very much of the world, both natural and manmade, signs of human interaction within the landscape both past and present, weaved through natural occurrences and landmarks.

The intention is that the photographs offer evolutions in subject matter, shape, form and composition, repeating and evolving in accordance with the musical layers. The images form an additional layer for one’s experience of the music, to feel them in relation to the abstract-ness and isolation of the music, as if it were the colour that brings the monochrome images into reality.

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