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Climate Generation – Harry Rose

On March 15th 2019, the UK took part in its first and since only (due to Covid 19) climate change strike. Schools across the country emptied and the streets and news screens were filled with passionate young voices, wanting to be heard by policy makers in the UK and around the world. Fast forward a year to 2020, there are no climate strikes on our streets and one thing occupies the headlines, COVID 19. ] 

After attending countless protests in 2019, I was taken back by the young people leading the marches and raising their voices. Turning 30 in lockdown made me want to re-focus on the generation below me and celebrate both their passion and courage but provide a space for them to be seen and heard out of the protest environment. 

I wanted to ensure Climate Generation reflected the young people behind the movement, the project showcases activists from various social backgrounds and of ethnicity, sexuality and gender. With 30% of teenage activists in the movement identifying as male and the other 70% identifying female, the project creates a clear visual representation of who is part of climate change activism amongst the youth. 

With accompanying interviews with each activist, Climate Generation shows also the hopes and dreams of each individual and portrays each young activist as empowered but also youthful and burdened with the responsibility of creating a global awareness of the climate crisis. 

I am a photographer and project manager/creative strategist producing work ranging from conspiracy subcultures to sexuality and queer rights, as well as my own personal history. /

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