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Equinox – Wojciech Feć

The strata of the Earth is a jumbled museum. Embedded in the sediment is a text that contains limits and boundaries which evade the rational order, and social structures which confine art. In order to read the rocks we must become conscious of geologic time, and of the layers of prehistoric material that is entombed in the Earth’s crust. When one scans the ruined sites of pre-history one sees a heap of wrecked maps that upsets our present art historical limits.

—Robert Smithson

‘Equinox’ explores the tension between the mineral and digital realms, focusing on soil, crust, rock, and metal in relation to computational technology. Combining photographs, photogrammetric scans, and digital renders, creating fictional images of abstract, inorganic forms – virtual stones levitating in cyberspace, artificial horizons, planets, and suns. Grids, pixels, and cartesian coordinates turned into organic, fractal, glitch-like patterns of clouds and figured stones. Earthquakes and the tide, electromagnetism and radiation, solstice and the equinox.

The project investigates the ancient cultural significance of rock – its alchemical, transformative power, as well as its archival status as visual media, from prehistoric fossil imprints, the Stonehenge, Lascaux paintings, and runic inscriptions carved in stone – to the coal-powered, silicon-based virtual world.

I am an interdisciplinary artist working across photography and new media. My work is investigative and research-driven, dealing with the unexplained, parascientific, bizarre, and magical. / @wojciech_fec

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