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(Extra)ordinary woman – Esther Jiménez Ruiz

Elisa is one of many generous women who decided to gift her love and lifetime to the care of their family.

She was born in a very small village in Spain called Cepeda de la Mor in the Gredos mountains, in a family of five children – the same number she would have later in life. She grew up in a very austere life, living with just the right things, helping with the agricultural tasks and the house, taking on adult responsibilities when she was just a child.

One day she met the love of her life, Mariano, a boy from the village too. After having their first child, they moved together to the city of Madrid where they had four more children. Her husband had two jobs as a taxi driver and policeman to support the large family, while she had the hard task of raising five children and doing all the work and responsibilities that goes with it.

Today, you can see in her eyes the ninety-two years of effort it took to give her children a life that they could choose, to make things easier for them than it was for her. She has not lost the unconditional love of her bright eyes and her innocent vision of the kid she could not be.

I am a Spanish architect currently based in Luxembourg. I studied architecture in Madrid, making some university exchange studies in Stuttgart (Germany) and Santiago de Chile (Chile). One day I started to use my father’s analogue camera, a Zenit 12xp, and since then I’ve loved to photograph scenes from everyday life. I believe there is too much beauty in daily life that goes unnoticed. I enjoy using an analogue camera because the time needed to take each photograph forces me to be aware of the magic of the present. /

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