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Hard Land – Gai Shtienberg

“Between the natural borders of the Mediterranean sea and the Jordan river the distance is not far. 
Between the sea and the River artificial lines of green and purple.
Red line crosses the valley, pale blue seam in to the mountains.
A big wall of greyish concrete and a ruined landscape agonisingly sighs…” 

Inspired by what Israeli poet Yaakov Rotblit wrote in his song ‘The Big Story’ (Hasipur Hagadol), ‘Hard Land’ collects together five years worth of  exploration within the Israeli landscape, bounded by the Jordan river to the east and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. 

I’ve travelled to marginal areas of the country aiming to document the influences of the relationship between humans and their surroundings and those among  themselves. The impact of these relationships is what has created the unique scarring of this land.

I am a photographer based in Israel with a BA and MA in geography and environment. I’ve been photographing since I was sixteen, but only began to work on long-term photography projects in the last ten years .

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