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Image not yet taken – Kate Boucher + Heath Dodson

We are two artists creating work in response to landscape, living 260 miles apart on the coasts of North Wales and West Sussex. We were introduced via Instagram by a mutual contact during lockdown who noticed a similarity between our respective work.

We have since found resonances in not only our images but also in the rationalities, intentions and inspirations behind our images. Despite the diametrically opposed disciplines, one using charcoal, the other using digital photography, our artworks have sympathetic dynamics with use of monochrome and gritty resolution. For both of us, our chosen media are not about the technical skills we each require but more about capturing and communicating the sensation of being “of” a landscape.

The intention for both of us is that our images of landscape should be ambiguous. More than simply capturing of a viewpoint, they should allow for multiple interpretations of that landscape – the sensed and the remembered. What is aimed for is a visual Haiku – a minimalistic aesthetic that rewards study and which may then reveal implicit meanings.

It was proposed that Kate might use Heath’s images of the North Wales and Wirral coast to base some drawings upon. These were places she has no firsthand experience of and now, because of the national lockdown, is unable to visit. Kate’s usual practice is to immerse herself in a landscape before making drawings from it, taking many photographs. This series would be made from images not yet taken.

A series of exploratory works have grown from this initial idea; drawings, photographs and writings in an iterative response to each other’s work. Heath taking photographs to show Kate his landscape, Kate finding her drawings in his photographs – a distant collaboration.

“What if the purpose of the image is not to make a ‘good’ image? What if the purpose of the image is to really see or sense the landscape, to think about the landscape? Would a byproduct of that process be an image that succeeds by dint of its close attention to what is sensed?”

– Excerpt from notes made during a telephone conversation between KB and HD.

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