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Jeremy Ackman

I see photography as documenting the life around me. I’ve been documenting my family as a stay-at-home father, focusing on my daughter growing up and the world around us. By concentrating on my surrounding environments there is a bigger influence on our lives that we don’t necessarily sense, but it infects the way we think and feel about the
world. I combined them because the two worlds are not separate. Our surroundings shape us as we shape it. Since 2015, when my daughter was born, I’ve made a photobook for each year that passes. There are now five books and I am currently making pictures for the sixth.

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and currently live in Jersey City, New Jersey. I joined the army and deployed to Kosovo, New Orleans, and Iraq. I attended the University of Massachusetts Boston where I graduated with a BA went on to receive an MFA from New Hampshire Institute of Art. / @ackj17

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