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Northwards – Sebastian Alten

NORTHWARDS‘ collects the impressions of a road trip through Finland, Norway and Sweden in the summer of 2015. Looking back at that time, I remember that I was dealing with profound decisions on the path that my life would take; yet mute remained stone and the storm and the space, leaving questions unanswered.

This poem introducing the series is from ‘Feberdikte‘ (Fever Poems) by Norwegian author Knut Hamsun. It asks existential questions of nature, its objects and phenomena. Since I wasn’t able to find an English translation of this poem, I made one myself:

I called and asked the foam of the sea, 
And screamed to forests and moor, 
To stone and storm, to the heaven’s space:
The life into which I was born - 
Have I ever craved it or chosen?

Yet mute remained stone
and the storm
and the space.

I grew up in a small village in the southwest of Germany and today I live in Berlin.. I’m a father of two kids and I work in the fields of film production and postproduction. To me, photography is a means to approach and grasp the world around me. / @sebastianalten 

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