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Possible Scenarios

This is the story of a man who wanders aimlessly until he meets a forest. Once he enters, he is lost. A sense of vertigo, due to the labyrinthine space in which he finds himself, assails him. However he continues to move forward slowly and, finally, manages to get out and find his way back.

This series was born soon after completing my university studies. After months of stress and worry, I left Rome – the city where I live – for Cortina, a town in the Dolomites where I escape to every year. In those days, I felt a sense of peace and freedom that I had not felt for a long time. It allowed me to finally concentrate on my photographs.

Finding myself in these huge spaces, completely covered by snow and fog, stimulates my imagination so much; I have returned to breathe freely. I love the dark atmosphere and the low clouds that hide the landscape. They allow me to create in my mind a thousand possible scenarios.

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