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Greg & Butch

Remington Long

“My dad knocked on my door at 5am and told me we were meeting our neighbour Butch at his ranch. Grudgingly I threw on a sweatshirt, grabbed a few rolls of film and hopped in the car. We met Butch at a blind he had set up deep in the foothills of his sprawling 2,000 acre cattle ranch.

We sat for hours watching deer appear and disappear. Butch would yell out, “Didja see that Rem, did ya get a photo?”, “Oh, Rem, now that is just a beautiful deer. Get a shot of that one!”. 

And on it went. I couldn’t tell who was having more fun – Butch telling me about the deer and demanding a photo, or me watching Butch get excited about the animals. Or my dad, laughing at the both of us. 

It was a morning I’ll never forget.”

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