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Silver, light and egg white – Arianna Poverini

This project revolves around one of the legends from the ancient matriarchal tribes of the Dolomites, a mountain range in the north east of Italy. Specifically, it focuses on the legend of the princess of the White Winter on Mount Antelao, called Samblana. Through the depiction of the fairytale-like atmosphere of the mountains, and the search for the magical and the eerie within the landscape, the aim is to trace back to a time when the confines between history and myth – between humankind and nature – were indistinguishable.

I am a graduate of the London College of Communication, working between Rome and London.  I am a research-based practitioner working with a different range of techniques. Deeply embedded in my speculative experiments are concepts of entanglement, boundlessness, myth and folklore, multiplicity, monism, and immortality. /

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