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Stairs & Portals – Bobby Lee

As the world was starting to shut down due to the pandemic, I spent a week exploring these paths in the Bohemian Switzerland region of the Czech Republic before returning to my home country. Some of these steps and paths look like they were created recently, with roughly machined edges and iron handrails that lead to tourist viewpoints or old lookouts. Others are smooth and indented from centuries of footsteps and erosion. Some of the paths lead to small religious shrines or the remnants of castles and caves that were used by travellers as they crossed this mountainous area. People have scratched names and dates into the soft sandstone. The people passing through are always changing but the stones will remain long after everyone is gone.

I’m a landscape photographer based in California. My work focuses on geology and human remnants visible in the landscape to explore ideas about time and our relationship to nature. / @bleephotography

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