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The Peripheries – Justyna Solnica

The landscape is a visual and experiential space. It is the cluster of past, present and future. After all, in each newly discovered landscape there are some parts of those experienced before and those still unknown. Perhaps it is because of this continuity that many of them are remembered for a long time.

‘The Peripheries’ is a visual representation of the landscape hidden in its structures, forms and shapes. It is shown by interlacing and combining the abstract and realistic dimensions of landscape, and accentuate the personal, fragmentary perception. I am intrigued by the idea of mapping the complexity and intimate experience of nature. By noticing the elements and details, we can immerse into the pure experience of landscape.

What interests me the most in the broad concept of photography is capturing the subtleties, understood from the broad perspective. In addition to conceptual photography, I also focus on creating fashion editorials, which can also be seen as art. /

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