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Through place and mind – Holly Houlton

‘Through Place and Mind’ responds to my relationship with the British countryside. The body of work combines the use of photography, ambient sound and spoken word to express my emotional links with the landscape. The work draws upon notions associated with the Romantic movement in its attempt to convey feeling and self-expression as a result of being within a landscape. The use of mixed media creates a timeless space and acts as a metaphor, responding to how landscapes are remembered and felt.

Viewers are taken on a sensory journey, enabling you to engage in a meditative experience and invoking reflection on how the rural landscape and nature can provide a space for emotive contemplation through an exploration of place. The work encourages you to consider your own relationship with land and place.

I am a published photographer and writer based in the UK. My work mainly explores people and place with a particular interest in the effects they have on one another, in relation to experience and time and often using a personal approach. Specific attention to detail and light attempts to draw out the perhaps otherwise unseen and stimulate emotive contemplation. / @holly_houlton_photography

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