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Treading clouds and updraughts – Spike Dennis

The North is often romanticised. It is a place of dream, spell and substance; there is solace to be found in the North. Unplugged and disconnected, mountain ridges become paths to otherworldly places.

During my adventures in the North I have documented the landscapes that I have encountered and through the ritual of embroidery, I attempt to invoke the magic locked within those landscapes to keep those pathways to otherworldly places open. 

Appropriating the use of magical sigils, the images of these sublime landscapes are overlaid with abstract geometric thoughtforms imbued with desire and intent through the labour intensive and somewhat meditative process of embroidery. Meditating through making facilitates a subconscious reconnection with those landscapes, reinforcing the memories of the experience of those places.

I am an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Wales, working in a range of media from web-based material and digital video through to traditional textile practices. The subject of my work can be similarly diverse, but much of it is united by a gently persistent questioning of the world around us. / @Spike_Dennis

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