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Victoria Kieffer

Rupite, Bulgaria was the furtherest point of a road trip through the Rhodopes and Pirin mountains looking for megalithic monuments and ritualistic stones.

The site is famous because of Baba Vanga’s sanctuary on the ancient Kozhuh Volcano and the hellenistic archeological remains Heraclea Sintica. Baba Vanga was a medium and spiritual leader and chose Rupite as her home because of the numerous natural benefits and energy that she detected there, like this mineral spring, rich in sulphur. The prophet, as she’s often referred to, wished that the people could freely enjoy the baths and heal from rheumatism and skin diseases. She was strictly against the commercialisation of this spring, fearing that it would disappear because of God’s anger, but also surely as a result of over-exploitation.
I was surprised to find these crystalised insects drowned in the spring, that I tried to pick up but couldn’t because of the burning water temperature.

Born in 1995 in France, I am a graphic designer and artist-book maker. I live between France and Bulgaria. I self-publish and make workshops about micro-publishing and book-binding. My current research is about sources of healing power and folk knowledge. / @petra_genetrix

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