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Wasi Daniju – Where the light gets in

Wasi Daniju
Where the light gets in


This series was made in the early weeks of the pandemic restrictions, at a time when I was weighed down with the heaviness of a number of personal losses.

Grief seemed to have saturated the preceding year. I found myself attempting to reconnect with my life and the world as I had once known it, whilst existing in what felt like a complete disconnect to that past time.

The before and the after, the light and the dark times… it felt like two completely different ways of living that had now been brought so much more to bear by this other life that had been enforced by the pandemic.

Where I had previously experienced so much of my life as bustle, movement, distraction and joyful chaos, I now found stillness, silence and shadow more commonly – or at least, I was more drawn to noticing them now. The resulting images are what I produced, with the title taken from the famous Rumi quote. A nod both to the darkness I was experiencing but also the fact that I had not let go of hope. / @knox_o

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