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Wild Dwelling – Sine Zheng

With the development of urbanisation, people have gradually become lost in the dazzling steel forest. The surrounding artificial objects create an obscured appearance in which people are easily losing sight of the boundary between human and nature. We feel ease to the sufficient resources in modern life and even try to build a fake vision of nature in our city life, making an illusion in which people perceive a simulative environment.

I merge indoor and outdoor moments to explore the connection between nature and urban life, generating an undefined tension between reality and illusion. In my work, the urgency is to imply the struggle behind the appearance of a stable life routine that we accommodate ourselves in. Meanwhile, this hiding truth is waiting for us to discover it.

I am a photographer based in London, UK. My works explore the connection between people, nature, urban life and space, and explores whether they can exist independently. My photographs give no straight answer and instead prompts its own interpretation. /

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